Pseudo-biographical, by work field

Berliner jayrope was born at 321 ppm as a kid of two pipe organ players. Classical piano & opera singing training from age 4/6-14. Standard music education stopped later, in favor of learning sfrom anything sounding by ear, hands and algorhythms.

Current work: composition, sound design, engineering, live performance, production, musical direction/supervision, often for contemporary etc. dance.
See jayrope’s collaborations with others below (*).

2000++ dance & theatre music, composition, sound design and/or live performance – for
Samir Akika (Theater Bremen/Unusual Symptoms), Helena Waldmann (Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Radialsystem Berlin, etc.), Florian Bilbao (Deutsches Theater Kasachstan), Nir de Volff, Schauspiel Hannover, Schauspiel Bochum

2007++ Air Cushion Finish* (with fellow vocalist Lippstueck) – movies for the blind.

1999++ Kimmo Elomaa* (with drummer Michael Griener) – feedbacked, percussive paintings.

1990++ selected clients & collaborators
Atari Teenage Riot/Alec Empire, DVA, Michael Griener, Arto Lindsay, Neil Carlill/Vedette*, Maria Farantouri, Kip Hanrahan, Niklas Kraft, Paisiel, Prinzenallee/Bleubird*, Scenic Panner*, Napszyklat, Oligor y Microscopia, Operation Sapphire

2017++ radio and related
Biesentales Radio* on Cashmere Radio/Berlin, Goethe Institut/Munich, Sphere Radio/Leipzig

1999++ selected concerts
• Meakusma Festival, Belgium • Festival of Vision, Hongkong • Suoni per il Popolo, Canada • SXSW, USA • Holocaust Memorial, USA • Ars Electronica, Austria • Donaufestival, Austria • Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Austria • Klangbad Festival, Germany • La Noche en Blanco, Spain • Kometa Festival, Latvia • Braillė Satellitė, Lithuania • Goldmund Festival, Germany • Fusion Festival, Germany • Jazzfest Berlin, Germany • Transmediale, Germany • Ausklangfestival, Germany • Zodiak Free Arts Lab, Germany

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